Strategy AAU

Knowledge collaboration

vision for knowledge collaboration

AAU is an attractive collaboration partner for private companies and public authorities and institutions, and we create knowledge in mutually committing partnerships.

We aim to supply state-of-the-art solutions and contribute to optimising existing solutions, and our cooperative relationships are focused and based on careful selection.

Knowledge collaboration is an integral element in research and education.

Initiatives and action plans


A plan for the support of the University’s collaboration with our surrounding society will be developed. This plan should promote the integration between education, research and knowledge collaboration by means of physical, organisational and virtual  collaboration platforms e.g. The plan will include the organisational and administrative setups; it will focus on documenting the effect of knowledge collaboration and an increase in external funding.


AAU’s entrepreneurial activities for students and staff will be increased. A flexible incubator environment will be included in a programme for the support of idea generation, business development, prototyping, proof-of-concept development, etc.

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Secretariat for the Strategy

Responsible for knowledge collaboration

Dorte Maarbjerg Stigaard, innovation director.

Project secretary: Morten Dahlgaard, AAU Innovation.