Strategy AAU

Identity, culture and communication

Vision for identity, culture and communication

We act and are recognised as a university with a distinct profile and a high quality level in all of our activities. All employees are dedicated to creating knowledge for the benefit of our students and the surrounding society.

Our interactions and relationships are based on openness, inclusion, mutual respect, professionalism and quality across disciplinary fields, scientific and administrative functions, campuses and managerial levels.

We will enhance AAU’s culture and identity as a university involved in collaboration with the surrounding society.

Our ambition is that AAU’s communication activities will promote the sense of cultural community across the University’s organisational and geographical units and clarify AAU’s qualities within the organisation and in the surrounding society.

Our communication must continuously develop and support the University’s four characteristic features: problem orientation, collaboration, commitment and change.

Initiatives and action plans


Frameworks will be established for a project which will enhance AAU’s identity and cohesion and form the basis of the University’s communication activities. It must be made clear to all what we believe in, what we stand for and what we have to offer. A central aspect of the project is that it takes as its point of departure AAU’s four characteristic features.

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Secretariat for the Strategy

Steering group

  • Thorkild Ærø, Managing Director, SBI (chairman)
  • Søren Kristiansen,Associate dean, The Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Hans Jørgen Andersen, Head of Department, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
  • Ulla Steen, Head of Department, Department of Law
  • Henrik Brohus, Head of School of Engineering and Science
  • Anette Therkelsen, Vice dean for research, Faculty of Humanities
  • Christina Breddam, Faculty Director, The Engineering, Science and Medicine Faculties Office
  • Tina Vangsgaard, Faculty Director, The Humanities Faculty Office 

Secretary for the steering group & project secretary: Mette Madsen Dam, Special Consultant, AAU Communication.