Strategy AAU


Vision for education

AAU educates students for the society of the future. AAU’s education portfolio is future-oriented, robust and in compliance with  the University’s distinctive profile.

The quality of our programmes is constantly being kept in focus. Students, staff and management are making systematic efforts  to ensure the continuous maintenance and further development of the quality and relevance of our programmes.

AAU’s study programmes are based in an attractive student environment which supports problem and project based learning.

Initiatives and action plans


Relevant parameters for robustness principles to be included in the evaluation of the education portfolio will be set up.


On the basis of these robustness principles, an initiative will be launched for the purpose of outlining the study programmes of the future. This will apply in concrete terms to AAU’s future education portfolio. However, it will also apply in more investigative  terms as a basis for discussing the characteristics which should be included in study programmes designed for the society of the future.


Robust study programmes are characterised by sustainable intakes of motivated and well-informed students. An AAU strategy  must be developed for the recruitment of the students of the future. The purpose of this is to coordinate bridge-building and  marketing activities across the organisation, and to integrate the development of these activities with the supply of current and  future student places.


Growth potentials in continuing and further education must be identified, and a plan for the area must be developed.


The University’s steering group for quality assurance and development will conduct a systematic follow-up procedure and will  continuously develop the quality areas in the University’s quality assurance system.


An attractive and learning-supportive student environment with an operational centralised student environment set-up will be  establised. This will be a supplement to the decentralised student environment initiatives and will ensure the active inclusion of  the students in the shaping of the student environment across the University.

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Secretariat for the Strategy

Responsible for Education action plans

Inger Askehave, Pro-rector for Education

Project secretary: Lisa Krogh Christensen, Special Consultant, Rectors Secretariat.

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