Strategy AAU

Administration and services

Vision for administration and services

AAU´s administrative processes and support functions contribute to value creation at the University in that they are proactive,  relevant, service and solution oriented and aligned with the University’s core activities. Our ambition is that the administrative work processes support embeddedness and the safeguarding of knowledge, qualifications and learning across the University. Good solutions in one unit should benefit the entire University. We also wish to ensure that the administrative processes and  systems are efficient, transparent and characterised by clear roles and responsibility.

strategy and initiatives


A strategy for the administrative area will be developed.The overall purpose of this action is to ensure that the administrative job  functions support the implementation of the University’s strategic ambitions for its core activities.

strategy and initiatives

The implementation of AAU's strategy for 2016-21 assumes that the University administration will be even more efficient and professional than today.  Therefore, in March and April 2015, the administrative management group in cooperation with external consultants conducted an analysis of the operation of administrative processes at AAU.

The analysis forms the basis for a shared set of values (“Five principles for value-generating administration  and services”) and an overall strategy for the University’s administrative units. The strategy will support the AAU main strategy “Knowledge for the world”.

The strategy for the administrative units will apply to all administration activities at AAU, and as part of the process, a draft version was circulated for general consultation in January-February 2016.  The administrative strategy must be finally approved by the executive management in March 2016.

In February, four action plan groups were established; their tasks were to prepare action plans for the units:

  • Cohesion between the administrative units - anchorperson:  Jens Balslev, Head of Secretariat, Danish Building Research Institute
  • Competences and resources - anchorperson: Henrik H. Søndergaard, HR Manager
  • The digital AAU - anchorperson: Morten Winterberg, CFO
  • Simplification - rules and processes - anchorperson: Christina Breddam, Faculty Director, Faculties of Engineering, Science and Medicine

Principles of value-generating administration and service

- supporting Aalborg University's core activities


Principle 1

We provide solution-oriented and value-generating administration and service

Principle 2

We stand for a holistic approach in the organisation

Principle 3

We provide relevant standardisation

Principle 4

We contribute to an attractive and stimulating working environment

Principle 5

We exercise good management and cooperation

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Secretariat for the Strategy

Steering group for the strategy for the administrative area

  • Antonino Castrone, University Director 
  • Niels-Henrik Gylstorff, Library Director 
  • Flemming Koch, Chief Information Officer
  • Martin Vive Ivø, Director AAU CPH
  • Mogens Juul Møller, Campus director
  • Tina Vangsgaard, Faculty Director, The Humanities and the Social Sciences Faculties Office 
  • Christina Breddam, Faculty Director, The Engineering, Science and Medicine Faculties Office 
  • Henrik Søndergaard, Head of HR 
  • Ulla Gjørling, Head of secretariat, Rectors Secretariat 
  • Anders Schmidt Kristensen, Head of Campus AAU-Esbjerg
  • Lone Vestergaard, Chief, Study Administration
  • Morten Winterberg, Director of Finances, Accounts Office