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Aalborg University's strategy Knowledge for the World 2022-26 makes the basis for the university's development. You can read about the university's strategic direction, characterics and strategic focal points.

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Knowledge for the world 2022-26

The world needs knowledge

Global dilemmas affect us all. More than ever before, the world's great challenges impact our daily lives.

Our longer lives and higher demands for quality of life are draining the earth's resources and creating challenges for our future welfare.

Digital quantum leaps are creating opportunities that no one dared imagine, and a future that no one can quite figure out.

These are far-reaching and urgent issues that no one can solve on their own. We all share the responsibility for making better decisions.

VKnowledge is the alpha and omega. The world needs universities that engage critically and constructively, and take responsibility for our shared future by transforming complex challenges into sustainable change.

We believe that knowledge can and must change the world.

Therefore, AAU is a university with ambitions that extend far beyond its walls, to the heart of the most pressing global and local trouble spots.

Therefore, our search for knowledge always begins and ends in partnership with society at large, with real problems in mind.

Therefore, we are the best at working with those entities dealing with these problems on a daily basis. Businesses, organisations and public sector authorities. Globally, nationally and regionally.

Therefore, we work across disciplines and faculties at all levels. That is why we take a foundational, interdisciplinary and transformative approach to knowledge.


AAU - Missiondriven University

A mission-oriented university

Our extensive expertise, intensive interdisciplinarity and proactive commitment to society give us unique opportunities to work on complex challenges.

In conjunction with the world around us, we define and take part in missions that help solve those challenges.

These missions must be the driving force behind our work. In short, AAU is a mission-oriented university

AAU - A mission-oriented university

AAU’s distinctive features

In everything we do, four characteristics define AAU.

Problem orientation
Our research and education are always based on real problems..

We are top-rated at working with companies, organisations and public sector authorities, and we are setting new standards for collaboration across faculties and areas of expertiser.


Our staff and students are committed, to their own disciplinary expertise and to the problems of the wider world.

Our knowledge and insights create value and innovation that improves the world.

Vision 2026

With its mission-oriented approach, Aalborg University will set a clear direction and create value through new knowledge about - and for - the world. Through high quality in our core activities, we will help create solutions to complex societal challenges regionally, nationally and globally.

We are internationally recognised as a mission-oriented university that contributes to sustainable development.

  • We are internationally recognised for outstanding foundational, transformative and interdisciplinary research.
  • We produce graduates with in-depth, discipline-specific knowledge and a focus on holistic thinking who can contribute to - and collaborate on - solving present-day and future challenges.
  • We have developed our problem- and project-based learning model with a focus on digitalisation, entrepreneurship and the integration of SSH (social science and humanities) and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics including IT).
  • We are an attractive partner for private companies and public sector authorities and institutions, and our knowledge partnerships are mutual, focused and help to create change.
  • Sustainability is a central theme of our activities.

Strategic focus


International level
We strive to provide education at the highest international level based on problem-based and digital learning.

We strive to produce graduates who think and work in an interdisciplinary manner.

We strive to produce graduates who work effectively on real challenges.

We strive to address labour market needs for competencies and upskilling through future-proofed and flexible degree programmes.


We strive to cultivate world-leading research environments that link scientific excellence with mission-oriented commitment.

We strive to show how research is strengthened by active collaboration with the world at large. We need the world just as the world needs our knowledge.

We strive to create foundational, interdisciplinary and transformative research that helps solve the world's most complex and pressing challenges.



First choice
We strive to be the preferred international, national and regional partner and provider of research-based innovation.

Through our partnerships with external actors, we strive to set agendas with innovative solutions to relevant problems.

We strive to make use of our knowledge to create tangible value for our partners and the world around us.


Strategy Secretariate

Louise Bredgaard, project manager for AAU Strategy,

Heidi Nørmølle Guldborg, strategy employee,